What is wellness?

Wellness is traditionally viewed as freedom from diseases; thus if you are not sick, you are considered healthy. However, this perspective on wellness is evolving with time. No doubt that being absence from diseases is a integral part of wellness, its not all. According to the World Health Organisation, wellness is “…a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”.

BE well|LIVE well

BE well|LIVE well (also known as Be.LIVE) is a site dedicated to more than just LIVING well, it hopes to bring our attention to an added dimension of WellnessBEING well.

Most people approach wellness through our actions, what I term as “doing” –  eating right, sleeping well, exercising regularly, controlling risk factors like smoking and alcohol consumption, etc. Of course, these responsible actions play a critical role in wellness. However, I am sure you heard how friends around you complain about the agony they have to endure in order to sustain THAT healthy lifestyle. And, very soon… KAPUT!… its back to the same old self again.

Wellness, in its sustainable form goes beyond mere actions. We turn inward and seek wellness from within. We channel our awareness inwards, be at ease with our physical and emotional self;  be connected with our intention and purpose; and simply be in bliss with our breath, body and soul. Being in a state of awareness of our current state of mind and body, we derive greater joy and sustainability to achieve the holistic wellness that we desire.

Author: Blue Hanuman

A Physicist | A Yogi | An educator | An Oiler | A wellness Enthusiast

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