Sacral Chakra – our rights “to feel”

sacral chakra symbol

The sacral chakra (Swadhisthana) is located in the lower abdomen, and is associated with emotions and sexuality. Its element is water. The colour representation is Orange.

The sacral chakra strongly influences our sensation, our ability to enjoy life and to change. Past emotional and sexual abuse, overly strict parents and mentors, and poor nurturing are some of the events in our upbringing that can cause constrictions in this chakra. The effects can manifest as sexual repression/sexual addiction, denial of pleasure/pleasure addiction and resistance to change (not going with the flow, poor/overly rigid).

A healthy sacral chakra allow us to experience pleasure (in healthy doses), able to nurture yourself and others, and able to adopt easily to change.

The sacral chakra governs our womb, genitals, kidney, bladder and lower back. An imbalanced sacral chakra may lead to sexual problems or urinary trouble.

A number of Young Living essentials oils (YLEO) can be used to complement your attempt to bring the sacral chakra back into balance.

  • Grapefruit
  • Jasmine
  • Orange
  • Rose
  • Inner Child
  • Harmony

Oils applications: Inhalation, bottom of feet, below the naval.

The use of YLEO, when coupled with seated meditation or your yoga practice, can bring your experience to a new level.

  • If you are interested to know more or try some of the essential oils. Its my pleasure to support your needs. Please drop me a note here.
  • If you are keen to explore the use of YLEO in your yoga practice, check out my yoga schedule here.

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