Be.Live Charity Bazaar

Belive Charity bazaar poster

Come support our first Be.Live Charity Bazaar!

It is with a simple motto: “Be Well|Live Well” that I started this Be.Live (pronounced the same way as believe) initiative. Wellness, in its sustainable form goes beyond the physical domain. We turn inward and seek wellness from within. We channel our awareness inwards, be at ease with both our physical and emotional self; be connected with our intention and purpose; and simply be in bliss with our breath, body, thoughts and emotions. It is only through greater insight to our current state of mind and body, that we derive greater joy and sustainability to achieve the holistic wellness that we desire.

Over the span of 4 months – with 11 Be.Live yoga classes at GEPZ and a sold out Yoga+Breakfast event at The Fabulous Baker Boy – I am so thrilled that enough money was collected to organize the first Charity Bazaar. I am so thankful to all who have supported this cause in one way or the other. Special thanks also go to GEPZ and TFBB who generously shared their services and space. I am indeed humbled by your open heart and open mind.

So… come spread love if you can afford the time [We will need about 30 adult volunteers]

When: 21 October 2017 (Saturday)

Where: Brighthill Evergreen Home (

Time: 1 – 4:30pm

How: Sign up details –

[Disclaimer: Be mindful that the slot you are taking up denies someone else of the same chance to serve. Please be responsible for your sign up. Namaste.]

Author: Blue Hanuman

A Physicist | A Yogi | An educator | An Oiler | A wellness Enthusiast

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