Life is not a Straight Line


What started out as a “yoga passion project” has found a home – a brand new yoga studio located at Arc 380 Singapore, with its official opening today.

In this journey of setting up a yoga practice, I got to know of stories from those who attend our classes, on how yoga changed their lives “off the mat”, but I also got to know people we do business with in our community at Jalan Besar.

Jalan Besar is thriving with many entrepreneurs. Some have lived and worked here for many years – like Uncle Steve Chan who helped framed our pictures. Others have moved in more recently, hoping to make a career out of their passion – like Christine of Simple Indulgence Patisserie. She believes in only using natural ingredients in her handmade cakes and pastries (which we served today).

The studio (and the new design language “Life is not a Straight Line”) is dedicated to all these amazing life stories and to our yoga practice. (If you look closely, the logo and portraits are hand-drawn in one continuous line.)

Many thanks to talented designers, artists and craftspeople who helped translate that vision into reality! Thank you Chris Chong (for the initial inspiration), Eunice Hee (for the logo design), Hao Weikai (for drawing all the yoga poses), Chee Peng Neo (for digitising the drawings) and Jake, Arjuna & Javier of NIJ Design Concept Pte Ltd for putting every element together.

It takes a community to make a Home ❤️🙏🏻😄.

Author: Blue Hanuman

A Physicist | A Yogi | An educator | An Oiler | A wellness Enthusiast

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