Vitality with Yin Yoga

We will explore poses that stimulate the Qi flow along the Kidney and Urinary Bladder lines. Snail pose is one of the poses that stimulates the superficial back fascial line, which also corresponds to the Urinary Bladder lines.

The Kidney and Urinary Bladder belong to the water element (属水). Both regulate water metabolism, our sex organs and fertility. While issues of the Kidney can manifest anytime, this time of the year (Winter) is the season to take extra care of them. Winter is the time when all life forces rest and replenish their vital energy(冬藏). It is a gestational time of replenishing the wellspring of life so that when spring comes, the gathering energy will burst forth with new growth. Kidney store the essence of life, “jing” (肾藏精), which is essential to sustain life and prolong vitality.


Author: Blue Hanuman

A Physicist | A Yogi | An educator | An Oiler | A wellness Enthusiast

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