Chinese Medicine & Yin Yoga module 2

Liver/Gallbladder system and Emotion Health (肝胆与情志)

Physician Goh You Li shared on emotion health and why it is important to maintain a healthy Qi flow in the Liver and Gallbladder system on 9 Feb 2020.

A well regulated Liver and Gallbladder system supports and regulates emotions in our body. We experience emotions all the time when we are awake, consciously or subconsiously. Unpleasant situations occur, and most of the time we may get frustrated when things are beyond our control. However, we do have a choice: we can choose how we react to the situation, and regulate our emotions and feelings. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that we should just suck it up. More importantly, we should learn how to ventilate these emotions.


Physician Goh shared on how western and eastern medicine perceive the function of the Liver. (I have attached a little chart source: for your reference). She also shared tips on how we could use effective methods to ventilate our emotions so as to preserve good emotion health. Pent up emotion, leading to stress, anxiety, depression may lead to liver Qi stagnation or liver fire, which may in turn lead to anger management issues, suicidal tendency or tumors growth if conditions go out of control.


Dietary recommendation: Rose tea has many uses in health and wellness. It is thought to ease menstrual pains, detoxify the body, stimulate mood and regulate the sleep cycle. Many of the symptoms are associated with Liver Qi deficiency.


Yin Yoga recommendation: Variations of Shoelace regulate Qi along the Liver and gallbladder channels. Sensations along the outside of the hips may stimulate the galldbladder meridians, and the compression around the inner thighs and genital areas stimulate the liver and kidney lines. 3-5 min on each side is recommended.

Takeaway: A quote shared by Physician Goh that I really like – “恬淡虚无,真气从之,精神内守,病安从来”. “Tranquil and emptiness brings about true energy flow. A grounded mind keeps diseases away.”, a quote from 素问/上古天真论. A wise piece of teaching from the classic, and how beautifully relevant it is to the practice of Yin Yoga.

We will be looking at the spleen and stomach meridian lines and how this could support a healthy gut (脾胃与消化) on 16 Feb 2020. Drop us a note if you are keen to join us.


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