Safety Measures

  1. AT ARC 380, check in via SafeEntry. Your temperature will be taken by the security guard.
  2. Mask must be worn at all times unless during the session.
  3. Bring a yoga towel to lay over the mat for hygiene purposes.
  4. Please wash your hands and remove footwear (including socks) at the studio entrance.
  5. Practice safe distancing at all times. Reduce socialising and minimise communication with one another.
  6. Yoga mats are provided. Please bring a yoga towel to lay over the mat. Otherwise, disinfecting solutions are provided for you to wipe down the mat after use.
  7. Yoga props are provided if required. Please wipe the props with disinfecting solution after use.
  8. You may bring your own mat and props if you feel more comfortable using them.
  9. Check out via SafeEntry when you are leaving ARC 380.
Last but not least, if you are feeling unwell or experiencing flu-like symptoms, please refrain from attending classes and seek medical attention immediately.
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