Jensen picked up yoga in 2007. He is a passionate yoga practitioner who firmly believes that yoga is not performance-based, but a means to listen, connect and dialogue with our body. To him, the yoga mat allows him to turn his awareness inward to confront his ego and fear. He sees yoga as a way of being present in everyday life and bestowing a renewed attitude towards life.

 My Yoga Background

Jensen is a 200-hours Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher under the tutelage of Kate Greer, Peter Crowley, Kate O’Donnell and Richmond Dickson with Open Hearts Yoga School in Boston, Massachusetts. To better sequence his classes, he continued to study with Jason Crandall on Vinyasa flow sequencing. With an interest in body anatomy, he completed a 50hr Yoga Therapy Teacher Training with Christine Toong where he picked up alignment techniques to reduce muscular tension and discomfort for his students.

The Yin Journey

His love for Yin got ignited after the first Yin immersion with Chris Su and he continued to complete a Mindfulness Yin yoga (正念阴瑜伽) Teacher Training with him. This provided a strong foundation for him to inquire deeper into the practice. He further his interest on Chinese Medicine at Chung Hwa Medical Institution where he currently holds a professional Traditional Chinese Medicine certification. This allowed him to readily infuse the wisdom of Chinese Medicine into his teaching of Yin Yoga.

He continued to study with Bernie Clark and Sarah Powers. He is thankful to Bernie for his wealth of knowledge on the human body and the science behind Yin yoga. Nothing beats studying with this wise man, and hear him talk passionately about the physical and physiological benefits of Yin yoga (very often backed with scientific research and data).

Sarah’s grace and eloquence on the topic of mindfulness and Yin yoga taught him the beauty of stillness. This immersion brought clarity and greater mind heart body connect as a whole. He is grateful to Sarah for contributing so much more depth and insight into the practice.

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