Breathe: Spreading Love through Yin Yoga

A Be.Live fundraising initiative for the Parkinson Society Singapore (PSS).

It was a day filled with love, compassion and humility. More than 30 people turned up that beautiful morning, to practice and to give. We are also very glad to have PSS centre manager (Siew Hiong) come share about the society with the participants. It was humbling to hear what the centre does to educate the public, and to support the patients suffering from Parkinson Disorder.

At the start of the class, I shared a personal story to set the intention for the class:

Few months back when I was assisting my teacher in a Yin yoga immersion workshop, I befriended a participant who is plagued with Parkinson Disorder for years. After the workshop, I wrote “ ….让我深深感动的是认识了班上的一位患有帕金森氏症的同学。这十年来,她坚持练习瑜伽来延缓肌肉退化。没有因为病魔而变得怨天尤人,反而成为我们班上的开心果。我们每个轻而易举的动作,对她而言是吃力的。我们简单的更换一个体式,她却要以颤抖的双手,扶着地上慢慢的移动。她没有气馁,反而有时还苦中作乐。我敬佩她的不屈服不放弃,永远抱着一颗接受自己,活出自我的精神。今天课程结束前,她以颤抖的双手拿出一个装满小饰品的袋子,贴心的送了我们每人一个,是为了答谢我们对她的帮助与耐心。顿时,我眼眶湿了。我反而要谢谢你为我上了趟宝贵的一课。你让我更懂得感恩,惜福。临别时我告诉她,「记得继续好好爱自己,我们都是不完美中的完美」”


In this practice, we are not concerned with our physical shape in the posture. [“How low can we go?”, “How far can we stretch?”] – We set an intention to throw these questions out of our mind. Instead, we focus on our breath to get re-connected with our body. We adopt a curious attitude as we journey into body, heart and mind: “Where are the area of tightness?”, “What am I feeling now?”, “What are my thoughts?”. We being to experience a state of ease when we start to access our inner beauty, and derive strength from within.

At the end of the session, a participant who was diagnosed with PD 17 years ago, shared about her experience with Yin yoga. Her determination to practice, her internal strength to stay positive, and her jovial outlook of life is an inspiration to many in the room. When I turned to look at her husband, I see love and commitment.


With Love. Compassion. Humility, I teach.

My heart was full that morning. I was reminded on why I choose to spread the goodness of Yin yoga. I see the rippling effect of Yoga beyond the physical domain. One that transcend beyond those funky poses that not many people can achieve in the first place.

Thank You

-Asiaworks Singapore for allowing us to use this beautiful venue. The space, the sound and the lights are simply amazing. You have provided the best for the participants that morning. –Alice Chia for linking me up with AW Singapore. –Joyeus Tea Affairs for sponsoring the delicious home-made cookies to thank all participants. –Hao Wei Kai for designing the event poster. I really appreciate how you have worked through the night before you head back to Taiwan. [I was so touched that you provided 3 different design options despite your tight schedule] -my buddy, Keith Tan for being the logistic man behind the scene. Thank you for jumping in with just a phone call. – All participants who shared the energy in the class.

Together as one, we raised $1179 for the society.

Author: Blue Hanuman

A Physicist | A Yogi | An educator | An Oiler | A wellness Enthusiast

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